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Circularity Gap Report 2023
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Sustainability (3 P's)

The Planet is changing and thus need the People.

Global risks ranked by severity short and long term 

SOURCE: World Economic Forum Global Risks Perception Survey 2022-2023

There is no way around it now. Time for personal and business transformation. Here you will find some of our solutions. Feel free to contact me. I'm looking forward to partner up. For Profit.

For a happy planet.

The Climate Issue

There is strong evidence that observed changes in many climate variables, including extremes, can be attributed to anthropogenic climate change (Hegerl and Zwiers, 2011; Bindoff et al., 2013; Trenberth et al., 2015; Stott et al., 2016; National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, 2016). The IPCC AR5 concluded that 'It is extremely likely that human influence has been the dominant cause of the observed warming since the mid-20th century' (IPCC, 2013b). Furthermore, anthropogenic forcings are very likely to be the main cause of the decline in Arctic sea ice, and likely to be the cause of decreases in the Greenland ice sheet and glaciers worldwide in recent decades. Anthropogenic forcings have also influenced the global water cycle in different ways, including increases in record-breaking rainfall events (Lehmann et al., 2015).

5M Proposition

Partner up with

With as your strategic partner in the sustainability transition of your business, we will start with a “double materiality assessment”.

  • Key skills: Identification of risks, opportunities and impacts | Peers Competitors analysis | Benchmarking | ESG Innovations

  • USP’s: Straight forward | No-nonsense approach | Proof-of-concept tested methods | CSRD/ESRS-compliant | Assurance-ready

The second step is to monitor the material risks, opportunities and impacts (ESG-topics)

  • Key skills: Reporting requirements according to international standards | Gap analysis (current v.s. desired situation) | Data-integration

  • USP’s: Modeling data requirements | Due diligence (garbage in = garbage out) | Implementation project control | Communicating progress

The third step is to manage the monitored KPI’s

  • Key skills: Setting a science-driven data-baseline | Formulate strategic targets and metrics | Govern progress through (annual) project planning

  • USP’s: Integrative approach | Creating motivated team players |  “Sense of urgency” | Implementing verified/certified processes

The fourth step is to create a sound marketing strategy.

  • Key skills: Creating new product/market-combinations | Confronting all SWOT-components | BCG/Porter/Ansoff-matrixes

  • USP’s: Knowledge of markets | Implementing high revenue sustainability solutions | Gain a long-term competitive advantage | Impact + innovation

And it finally ends (and starts all over again) with the fifth step; “Media(tion)”

– a combination of Media and Communication (plus necessary assistance/negotiation between disputing parties – closing projects and starting new ones)

  • Key skills: Photoshop | Indesign | HTML5 websites | WordPress webshops

  • USP’s: Listening to the clients needs and demands | Translating the vision into practice

More custom solutions are to be built in our partnerships 4 A Happy Planet…

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Environmental issues may include corporate climate policies, energy use, waste, pollution, natural resource conservation, and treatment of animals. ESG considerations can also help evaluate any environmental risks a company might face and how the company is managing those risks.


Considerations may include direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions, management of toxic waste, and compliance with environmental regulations.


The governance ‘G’ pillar in ESG is about assessing how well a company is run and ensuring that it acts in the best interest of its stakeholders. Unethical practices like clientelism, conflicts of interest or improper business practices can have a devastating impact on a company and its shareholders.

So what about SHEQ?

Where ESG is kind of new, the term SHEQ (Safety, Health, Environment, Quality) has been around for long. It refers to the same topics, but from a different vantage point. 

‘Quality’ could to a certain extent be compared to ‘Governance’ and ‘Safety & Health’ is an important part of taking social responsibility as an employer. The big difference is that ESG has more of an outward view on things. Not only taking care of the own operations, but also the value chain and possibly affected communities from the undertakings endeavours.


Does the company donate a percentage of its profits to the local community or encourage employees to perform volunteer work there? Do workplace conditions reflect a high regard for employees’ health and safety? Or does the company take unethical advantage of its customers?


Socially responsible investing (SRI) is an investment strategy that highlights this one facet of ESG. SRI investors seek companies that promote ethical and socially conscious themes including diversity, inclusion, community-focus, social justice, and corporate ethics, in addition to fighting against racial, gender, and sexual discrimination.

13 Dec: A Credit System

Doing business together just got a lot easier… Let us introduce to you our lean & agile credit system @ Marchal.Online

30 Jan: SHEQ & ESG

Safety. Health. Environment. Quality. These are the four aspects any (operational) manager should look at. But how do you integrate it in current systems? And how does it relate to ESG? Investing in SHEQ & ESG @ Marchal.Online is profitable.

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29 Jan: Leadership & Communication

Management is doing things right. However, there is a choice to take before it. It’s ‘doing the right things’ i.e. ‘Leadership’. Learn how @ Marchal.Online

FREE compliance check

There is a "New Dawn" of sustainability reporting with the coming of the CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) in the EU. Check now whether your company applies to the mandated standards and receive a free compliance quick scan.

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