For a circulair ECO-nomy

Notebook Pocket – Inquiry (FREE) (DROP SHIP ITEM)

A natural, plain pocket notebook at a fair price.

For a circulair ECO-nomy (whilst being happy, working smart and looking good)

This pocket notebook is carefully selected and tested @ MARCHAL.online.

It has a positive impact on the environment and the circulair economy.

The cover is made of pure, 100% recycled and natural cardboard and fits right into any naturally decorated environment.

The pages are lined and also made of natural, 100% recycled paper.

The indicative pricing table:

1 item   - 4 euro/5 dollar (no discounts)
2 items - 7 euro/9 dollar (10% discount on stock item price and 100% discount on administration fee*)
3 items - 9 euro/12 dollar (20% discount on stock item price and 200% discount on administration fee*)
4 items - 10,50 euro/14 dollar (30% discount on stock item price and 300% discount on administration fee*)
5 items - 11,50 euro/15 dollar (40% discount on stock item price and 400% discount on administration fee*) (MAX amount per purchase)

* A standard administration fee of 17,50 dollars applies to every purchase done on Dropship.MARCHAL.online.  Please keep in mind drop shipping means buying and shipping a product directly from the supplier abroad, with @ MARCHAL o Online as a supporting service. To learn more about it please read on and remember you are always bound to the laws applicable in your own country. This is why we will always inform you on your rights and duties in our General Conditions before you make any purchase.


If you wish to receive more than the maximum amount of items as displayed in the indicative pricing table, you can place more than one purchase. Every purchase will be handled and shipped seperately, but you will get an extra discount (or cashback) on the administration fee as follows.

1 purchase   - Standard administration fee of 17,50 dollar per purchase applies
2 purchases - Reduced tarif of 14,50 dollar on second purchase (this applies to any other item on Dropship.MARCHAL.Online as well)
3 purchases - Reduced tarif of 12,50 dollar on third purchase (")
4 purchases - Reduced tarif of 11 dollars on fourth purchase (")
5 purchases - Or More -> Our most loyal customers get the most off at a fixed tarif of 9,50 dollar per purchase!*

* If you like your loyal customer status and the corresponding low purchasing administration fee's, you'll need to reorder within a month. Otherwise your status will be reset and you start at the one time buyer status again. To save the hassle and be reminded timely you can consider licensing for the loyalty program on Dropshipgate.MARCHAL.online, completely free of charge.


Recycled paper


7 x 12 cm


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