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Bamboo Brush

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A natural, plain tooth brush at a fair price.

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This toothbrush is carefully selected and tested @

It has a positive impact on the environment and the circulair economy.

The stem is made of pure bamboo and fits right into any naturally decorated environment.

The brush is made of charcoal which is reported to have benefits for healthy gums and teath.

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Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 20 × 1 × 1 cm
Indicative pricing table

1 item – 5 euro/7 dollar (no discounts)
2 items – 8,50 euro/11 dollar (10% discount on stock item price and 100% discount on administration fee*)
3 items – 10,50 euro/13 dollar (20% discount on stock item price and 200% discount on administration fee*)
4 items – 12 euro/15 dollar (30% discount on stock item price and 300% discount on administration fee*)
5 items – 13 euro/16 dollar (40% discount on stock item price and 400% discount on administration fee*) (MAX amount per purchase)


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