Nóg een (nederlandse) immunologe spreekt zich uit, namens ook een collectief van diverse andere experts, over het wanbeleid van een totale lockdown en het verplicht, constant dragen van mondmaskers
that, and many other facets in immunology

“HP De Tijd” (dutch newspaper)

The work that is being done by dr. ir. C. Peeters and others are collected by “HP De Tijd” (dutch newspaper).

Its collection is ever expanding and refers to a broad number of scientists, peer reviewed articles and academical insights.

There is just too much to mention about this collection. It’s strongly recommended for policy makers as well as doctors/specialists and the general public to read these important works (although you might have to translate it to your language since it’s written in dutch).

Here is the link to the complete collection:

dr. ir. carla peeters is a dutch, experienced immunologist. she worked for years on infection diseases at rivm (the dutch fda) and she was head of several health care organizations

an in depth interview with dr. ir. carla peeters on the terrible mouth mask policy (dutch)