Lockdown enforcers, 2020
Why I think the current lockdown measures are very hazardous and we should stop enforcing them at least against our children and elderly

Underneith a quote (in dutch) stating: “The New Normal Isn’t Normal (At All)”. For young children growing up now, it will be hard to ever learn about the freedoms our generation has enjoyed. Chances are, this new normal is here to stay. I’d like to argue the status quo right now and remind humanity of its duty to our children and grandchildren, not to let them down.These children grow up knowing only the “new normal”. My humble opinion though, is it’s really far from normal. I’m not trying to rebel, just saying. It’s not. I’ve got thirthy years of relatively free life and some very loving memories to back that claim up. Not one single day in my early childhood was I surpressed in my freedom of speech, my freedom to gather around with friends and family of my own choosing and be able to touch one another, to be able to connect in any way physically, mentally  or otherwise humanly possible.

In no way, shape or form was I restricted by government nor teachers or even my own parents to choose what to endeavor in my spare time. I could read, write, listen to and speak about whatever from and to whomever on all available online and offline platforms without any external control. The only control there was, was social control. And that always has been (more than) enough. It’s the only kind of natural, sustainable control. What a stark contrast to the life of the children today. Living in absolute confinement from dusk to dawn, only able to wander of in their minds. Who knows what is hidden in the dark parts of their young, vulnerable, undeveloped brains.

What spark is there even left in a human being, when their very livelyhood is taken away from them not just one single day. But every day, for as long as a year now and probably years to come. This is no exageration. The only place left for them is their computer and even that is closely monitored, censored. Sadly though – just like sigarettes and alcohol still are – porn, gambling, gaming addiction and even the so called “dark web” (an even deeper part of the internet dealing with demonic entities and horrors) is just a click away.

But these digital drugs are completely free as opposed to the drugs we knew from our youth like alcohol and sigarettes. We would save up and the end of the week we’d buy a six pack of a highly sweetened beverages like Breezer or Smirnoff, not even real liquor. Moreover, these digital drugs are acquired instantaneous, you don’t even need to go outside to hook up with a dealer. And there is no social or parental control whatsoever.

Children have been expelled from physically going to school, or to any public gathering for that matter. And if you ask me, given the risks of these digital drugs, “locking down” the youth really, really has to stop now before severe braindamage and permanent mental disabilities are imminent to the point of no return. Globally. Not to mention this is just no way of living for anyone, not the youngsters, but definately not the elderly either. Period.

What we should do
Advocate healthy lifestyle & (medicinal) food/supplements like vitamin A, D and zinc instead of hazardous, ineffective lockdowns and likewise controversial vaccine policies. If we really need to prohibit anything, let it be (excessive) smoking, drinking, lack of excercise while being indoors/on phones and pc all the time
Stop political lunacy and get back to the science. Social Distancing is a menace. Masks don’t work either. Just stop it. We’re destroying the economy and while we might save a few, overall (mental) health is declining rapidly
What happened to hurd immunity? Let’s just go back to normal and let nature take care of it. It has always done so in the past. Have a little faith and be free of living in cages for the rest of our lives

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