N  i  One   -   Just another lighthouse, for anyone at rough sea. This page was first addressed to the people of the Dutch kingdom. Later on I figured I might as well 'internationalize' the name. NI1 is actually an abbrevation for 'Nederlandse Internetomroep 1' (Dutch Internetbroadcast channel 1). Hoping all seekers may find their safe haven.    Sincerely yours, R. (Ralph) Marchal 


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This platform momentarily is run by one volunteer only, so don’t expect CNN quality. Disclaimer: the information presented here is highly biased and shouldn’t by any means be interpreted as the only truth. Your own critical thinking is your most precious gift. The news presented here is meant as additional information (to the regular media), usually on controversial topics not found much elsewhere.

Underneith a quote (in dutch) stating: “The New Normal Isn’t Normal (At All)”. Growing up in a free country now being in my thirties it’s kinda hard seeying it all crumble down. So let’s stop it.

There are so many wise quotes out there. This one really sticked with me lately: “Darkness doesn’t exist. It’s just the absence of light” (Einstein). I think we’re all just really, really lost right now. Let me put it this way. I for one would just really love to end war, hunger, hate and poverty once and for all. Since the coronavirus spread, the fear is intense. So while we shouldn’t let fear dominate our lifes, in the mean time we shouldn’t look away from anything harmful either. Allowing it to perpetuate any longer. Maybe, without taking to much risk, we should gather all our strength and intelligence and look some of these fears straight into the eyes. Because after all, how would we know if we came closer to the light, if we’ve never faced the darkness at all? Death sounds like the ultimate horror. But still, it’s also just a fact of life. It’s inevitable. I can’t help but question, in these times of lockdown. What’s more important, our freedom, or a few more years living in solitude. Furthermore, why do I not feel alone in this. Everyone feels in their gut something is up. So let’s explore. What exactly is the role the WHO, politicians worldwide, the media, the financial sector, etc. etc. play in this? What exactly do we have to lose and what do we have to gain? Everybody is doing their very best to gain control of the situation right now, that’s for sure. And since we’re at it trying to maintain posture globally with this virus outbreak, let’s look at some other controversial stuff too. I mean, isn’t there anything good we could get out this crisis? And maybe this is the time to throw some of our old dirty habits down the drain.

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Vaccines in general have a large, scientific track record. Doctors are told they’re probably the greatest achievement in healthcare ever. So? Why report about it here. Well, while vaccines are getting more and more widespread, their use is starting to accumulate and maybe even grow out of control. Everything is confined by natural laws and also the human body or the immune system has it’s limits. Also, we should bare in mind that allthough vaccines have proven scientifically to be succesfull, it’s not a holy grail. Truth of the matter is, in the world of overpopulatioon and widespread pollution today, we’ve resorted to vaccination programs as sort of a last resort.

This is one of my all time favorite pictures. As a military guy, I must admit I just find the rifle very appealing. With just a simple pull of the trigger you are granted power over life and death. But I’ve came to the conclusion that the mind and the spoken word is ever more powerful than any rifle.


Doesn’t this just sound great. A New World Order. It’s like heaven, or is it? Another phrase used in stead, is “the great reset”. Like there is something in the air right now, or written in the stars. Something cosmic, that is coming down from heaven to safe all of us. As being raised atheist, it’s just to weird for me really. I personally can’t help but wonder whose behind this new age religion and why.

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And woe those who oppose the fifth generation of wireless communication. This new techology though, shouldn’t only be put under a magnifying glass within the public, political, judicial, and journalist domain. Furthermore, this new technology should be the focal point of public scrutiny and that of the current political agenda world wide considering it’s risks. It should be put all the way on top as the number one subject above all other subjects related to either economics or public health. It rains supreme over any other priority of any state or any representation of interests. In reality, what we see is the exact opposite. Nowere is the subject of the wide spread implications that this technology encompasses being adressed or spoken of. No. There is no mention of it’s risks anywhere. Allthough the little bit of science there is, unanymously state this new technology is extremely dangerous. It emits short wave radiation unequivacly causing cancer and infertility. Other side effects are general inflamations and memory loss or a “fogging of the mind”.  These were all dangers of the 4G or fourth generation wireless technology. But the fifth generation infrastructure that is being built all around the globe right now, on every street corner covering 98% of all civilized countries in a fine meshed grid, is a reall class apart. It’s name is very misleading since this new techology has nothing to do with sending images or videos from one device to another. The radiation of this new 5G technology is orders of magnitude stronger (hundreds times stronger than 4G).

Where 4G has proven to pose a risk of cancer and infertility, this 5G infrastructure on every street corner will beyond the shadow of a doubt cause these diseased to the extent of severe to absolutely disastrous. Seriously. That’s where scientists scale the risks of this new technology. Deeming it a Trojan Horse doesn’t even cut it, according to the scientists themselves. What’s even more unique about this situation is never before in history was the science so clear and was concensus achieved so confincingly among all scientist who researched this. But the infrastructure is being rolled out right now. People talking about 5G think about the big telephone companies and maybe the self driving car and the occasional smart refridgerator. But those things will only scratch the surface of what the infrastructure that is being built right now can and will do upon activation in the next couple of years. I kid you not, it will litterally blow your mind. This is no speculation. It’s not fiction. It’s real. It’s scientifically proven. It’s even signed into a historically unparralleled world wide appeal to humanity by the biggest amount of scientist ever to petition. Ever. This, I repeat, is no joke. In a few years, according to like the complete scientific community speaking out in total union, we will all quite literally be fried in a few years. It sounds preposterous I know. But I ‘m not making this up to get attention or anything. Heck I’m writing this on a friday night while I could do a lot of things I would consider more delightfull. But there’s just no way you can turn away from something as monstrous as what we are building here. People need to be warned.

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Lockdown Measures Very Hazardous

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All For A Circular Economy!
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"Power Corrupts. Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely" - Ghandi
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So we really don’t need anymore bully politics, fear and polarization. We need union and to raise awareness. To warn people the house actually is on fire first of all, and second that it’s in desperate need of some water. Being non-complicit to further unscientific and inhumane technocratic measures, that’s our water.

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