Service Credits

Service Credits


The “Service Credits” are the general means through which to get hold of the consultants at Every credit is equal to a certain amount of time, energy and/or resource (also intellectual property). Without credits, the services from are unavailable to you. So make sure you get enough!

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The creditsystem at is a way of paying in advance, without losing agility. Because of this system, is able to keep billing costs low for both parties!

Advantages for you:

  • Buying "Service Credits" makes you able to plan any service from, even if the outcome of the services rendered are still unknown.
  • Pay once and receive the credits instantly. No further billing process.
  • Don't worry. Would the desired service be achieved before you run out of credits, remaining credits can always be restituted.
  • You don't get an invoice in advance, but a certificate or proof of quality afterwards which state the net worth of services rendered (and credits used)

Advantages for (which are also advantages for you)

  • Not having to spend energy and money on billing (and chasing debtors) - this way keeping overhead costs lower
  • Being able to plan ahead and maintain continuity & workload, based on the total amount of circulating credits
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Currently we can provide a 30% discount on our service credits, because we have just opened our new shop! In case you are still wondering what you can do with the service credits, click "I want to know more" or feel free to contact us.


Dreams can come true, if you believe in it. Together with, no challenge is to big. Credits can be used for any service on demand, by anyone at anytime. All through collaboration, even if the dream is not entirely clear yet.

Happiness counts

Every credit used, has to make the user happy. If not, we renegotiate.

Angel Sienna
Creative Heads Inc.

Marchal.Online came with creative solutions to my specific challenge. Very kind people, too!

Jack Bear
Creative Director

The blinding splendor of the diamond, the mighty power of the rocket!

Jeniffer Burns
Creative Heads Inc.

Nice, hard working – and very communicative people! Great end quality.

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