It’s really a political agenda governing israel (originally palestine) ever since it’s invasion. Not a religious one.

Jews and Muslims once lived pretty much in peace together. It’s really the Zionist movement that has caused all the stir. If you ever went to Israel and talk to some rabbi’s, they will tell you their government isn’t Jewish. They’re Zionists.

It’s a geopolitical movement. Doesn’t have much to do with god whatsoever. If they wouldn’t tie up with our general media agencies you would maybe even catch a protesting rabbi on tv, calling out all the lies of their government. You see, the people behind the scenes don’t care about god. They care about money and power. That’s it.

For instance, check out this video I found from my old archives:

So instead of the common view that religions cause wars. Think again. It’s the other way around. People corrupted in love of power wage wars against anyone and anything. For their own benefit. Because they’ve got some shares in the weapon industry and they need the war to keep pushing their guns. Or maybe they’ve bargained for it. Or they are threatened by economic hitman. This is all very real.

Totalitarian states just don’t like spiritual movements at all. Look at the Falun Gong. Ever since 1999 would you practice this, you’d be deemed a criminal (penalty of death). Check out what this movement, called “friends of Falun gong”, has to say about the Chinese persecution of religious beliefs (like the Falun gong)

All the prophets and gurus from our past had the same goal. To rid us of selfish love and enjoy the more delicate pleasures sent from above. Replacing earthly riches for heavenly ones. Something like that.

That, and of course, unconditional love.

The let me take over you country plan (works every time)
1. Create a fuzz around something. You know. Like 911. Or the holocaust.

2. Be the world super power. Call anyone questioning your authority a denier.

3. Invade every country you like. Be the world super power.

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