Radiation: The elephant in the room
Really the only reason I can think of why this technology is pushed on every street corner is to fry us alive – engineer R. (RALPH) Marchal

Woe to those who oppose the fifth generation of wireless communication. This new technology though, shouldn’t only be put under a magnifying glass within the public, political, judicial, and journalist domain. Furthermore, this new technology should be the focal point of public scrutiny – and that of the current political agenda world wide considering its risks.

It should be put all the way on top as the number one subject above all other subjects related to either economics or public health. It reigns supreme over any other priority of any state or any representation of interests. In reality, what we see is the exact opposite.

Nowhere are the widespread implications that this technology encompasses, being addressed or spoken of. No. There is no mention of its risks anywhere. Although the little bit of science there is, unanimously state this new technology is EXTREMELY dangerous.

It emits short wave radiation unequivocally causing cancer and infertility. Other side effects are general inflammations and memory loss or a “fogging of the mind”. 

These were all dangers of the 4G or fourth generation wireless technology. But the fifth generation infrastructure that is being built all around the globe right now, on every street corner covering 98% of all civilized countries in a fine meshed grid, is a class apart.

Its name is very misleading, since this new technology has nothing to do with sending images or videos from one device to another. The radiation of this new 5G technology is orders of magnitude stronger (hundreds times stronger than 4G).

Where 4G has proven to pose a risk of cancer and infertility, this 5G infrastructure on every street corner will beyond the shadow of a doubt cause these diseases to the extent of severe to absolutely disastrous.

Seriously. That’s where scientists scale the risks of this new technology. Deeming it a Trojan Horse doesn’t even cut it, according to the scientists themselves.

What’s even more unique about this situation is never before in history, was the science so clear and was consensus achieved so convincingly among all scientist who researched this.

Nevertheless, the infrastructure is being rolled out right now (it’s crazy).

People talking about 5G think about the big telephone companies and maybe the self driving car and the occasional smart refrigerator.

But those things will only scratch the surface of what the infrastructure that is being built right now can and will do upon activation in the next couple of years.

I kid you not, it will quite literally “”blow your mind””. This is no speculation. It’s not fiction. It’s real. It’s scientifically proven. It’s even signed into a historically unparalleled world wide appeal to humanity, by the biggest amount of scientists ever to petition. Ever. This, I repeat, is no joke.

In a few years, according to just about the complete scientific community – speaking out in total union -, we will all quite literally be fried in a few years.

It sounds preposterous I know. But I ‘m not making this up to get attention or anything. Heck I’m writing this on a Friday night while I could do a lot of things I would consider more delightful. But there’s just no way you can turn away from something as monstrous as what we are building here. People need to be warned.

That’s why I’m working on the radiation columns on NI1 and planning to write some scientific reviews on UNI, too.

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