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Dr. Pall and the 5G nightmares – NI1 CRITICAST

Clips taken from a call to the government by an anti radiation movement in the Netherlands.

They specifically call for a ban on rollout of the current 5G technology, at least in this (untested) form. Special guest is Dr Pall. Here are the ten critical points they call for.

1. Moratorium on 5G out of precaution.
2. First do some serious (including biological) research to the safety hazards of 5G, because it isn’t safe.
3. Take facts and reactions from science and society seriously.
4. Provide clear and topical information to citizens and doctors.
5. Help people who already – consciously or unconsciously – have health complaints because of current radiation and other electromagnetic fields.
6. Recognize electro hyper sensitivity as an illness and electrostress as an actual environmental hazard.
7. Make radiation exposures go down and maintain the precautionary principle, especially with children (high risk group).
8. Stimulate acceptation to shut off mobile devices and wifi when demanded.
9. Make environmental legislature to protect against radiation and other Electromagnetic fields (EMF’s).
10. Involve relevant social and interest groups in decision making.

Learn all you need to know about the very real dangers of 5G radiation, in this short 4 clip sequel from the Dutch call to government

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Just click the play button to the right and at the end of each part, the sequal will appear. Should you run into any compatibility issues you can also follow this link to go to the complete YouTube playlist.

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